Why Destiny 2 Needs To Abandon The Xbox 360 & PS3

Activision have promised to support Destiny on consoles for 10 years after its initial release date in September of 2014. I can’t imagine how this game will look in 2024, or whether Activision will actually have a thriving community around the game by this date. While there’s a degree of uncertainty around this, there’s one thing that you can be sure of: the Xbox 360 and PS3 will have long been abandoned by then.

At the moment, certain players still find themselves in a transitional stage between the PS3 and PS4, and the Xbox 360 and XBOX One. Some have yet to make the move or are reluctant to do so, while others have only recently made the jump as opposed to having picked up the consoles when they released in 2013. But now that we’ve arrived in 2016, a lot of us feel like it’s time for this “new” hardware to come into its own, as we say goodbye to the marvel that was the 7th generation of consoles.

While I totally understand that players still enjoy their Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles (I still buy games for my PS3) in order for developers and publishers to truly invest in modern hardware and demonstrate their true potential, we have to abandon what’s come before. The transitional period between these two console generations has been remarkably slow. This is probably due to the relatively small jump between performance and the lack of great games.

However, the latter is no longer a valid complaint. There are exceptional games on modern hardware, and the exclusives that the Xbox One and PS4 have are certainly worth your time. But when it comes to games, like Destiny, that still cling to the Xbox 360 and PS3 (as Activision still does with Call Of Duty) we feel that it’s in the IP’s best interests if it sticks with modern hardware.

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