3 Things You need to Know When Buying Software Online

One of the many benefits of the internet is that it allows you to purchase everything from your weekly groceries to new software from the comfort of your own home. cheap windows 10 keys, The potential dangers of shopping online are outweighed by its comfort and ease, especially if you follow a few simple online safety rules. These rules involve ensuring your computer is protected, checking the validity of the site and, if you are ever in doubt, not parting with your credit card details. However, when you are looking to buy software online, there are a few additional things you need to seriously consider.

Is the site secure?

Even with the best security on your home computer, there is some risk involved when you buy software online. Even on a secure site, it is best not to allow them to store your credit card details. The extra few minutes it takes to re-enter these details is preferable to a third party being able to gain access to them.

Are the site and its product authentic?

Everyone loves a bargain, but there are only a few things worse than finding out your bargain is actually a cheap, fake copy. While this is bad enough when it is an aftershave or a pair of shoes, it is much worse when software is concerned. Fake software at best just won’t work as intended while, in a worst case scenario, it can damage your computer or even share its contents with undesirable sources.

It can be difficult to distinguish between an authentic site and a fake one, but the best advice is to keep a close eye on the URL in the address bar. A sudden redirect to an unknown address should set alarm bells ringing. If this happens, or your own antivirus warns you against a site, then heed the warning and leave quickly. If you enter a site and all seems good then apply the same kind of common sense as you would when purchasing anything else. If the product seems too cheap, then avoid it – the reason for this is likely to be that it is not authentic. Another point to look out for if buying second hand, or pre-owned software is that if the license has already been activated it will not necessarily work at all. Products such as Microsoft Office are licensed for either a single computer or a limited number of multiple machines, and once those licenses are used, the software will ask you to pay for additional activations, and a cheap pre-owned piece of software without a valid licence could end up costing you double.

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Is it the right version?

Not every problem related to buying software online is to do with the vendor. A lack of knowledge on your part can lead to you wasting your time and your money. Thinking about software such as Microsoft Windows 10, an important aspect to consider is whether the product is available for both PCs and MACs. buy software online cheap, If you do not check which one you are purchasing and end up with the wrong version, it just won’t work. Not only should you check the product carefully, but you should also have a clear idea of your machine and its capabilities. Make a note of the processor, RAM, hard disk space and graphic card capabilities and check them against the software for compatibility before signing over your hand earned dollars.

Watching out for these three simple things and using a healthy dose of common sense will keep you safer online and ensure that you purchase exactly what you’re set out to buy.

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