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3 Things You need to Know When Buying Software Online

One of the many benefits of the internet is that it allows you to purchase everything from your weekly groceries to new software from the comfort of your own home. cheap windows 10 keys, The potential dangers of shopping online are outweighed by its comfort and ease, especially if you follow a few simple online

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Absolute new and improved features in Windows 10

With Windows 10, Microsoft is trying to keep some of the touch and tablet features it created for Windows 8, combine them with the familiar Start menu and desktop, windows 10 keys for sale and run it all on top of an improved operating system with more security, a new browser, the Cortana assistant, its

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First HoloLens competitor in the World

Microsoft's HoloLens hasn't even hit the market yet, but the idea of Lenovo bringing out a virtual-reality headset competitor is not at all far-fetched, according to the company's chief technology officer, Peter Hortensius. "We're comfortable with bringing these kinds of things to market as customer demand grows," Hortensius said in an interview with the IDG

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What’s New and Improved in Office 2016

As an Office 365 subscriber, you regularly get new and improved features. Take a look below to see what's available to you today and what's coming. Not an Office 365 subscriber but using Office 2016? Find out what's available in your version. Need a subscription? Check out your options. If you're new to Office or

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For more than a quarter century, Adobe Photoshop has reflected a remarkably consistent vision. It's leveraged the latest advances in computer science. It's burst at the seams with potent features, most of which themselves have burst at the seams with options. And there's been absolutely nothing about it that has been tailored to the needs

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These new features in PHP 7

A number of improvements to PHP tooling and infrastructure were announced at the ZendCon 2015 Conference in Las Vegas. These promise significantly better performance, easier development, and better debugging. This is significant since PHP tends to dominate Web development, and many of the most popular wide variety of Web applications are built on PHP including

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iOS 9.3 Beta Launched For Developers

Apple released the latest iOS 9.3 beta to developers. The beta version can be downloaded via links at Apple’s developer portal or OTA. The tech company also released a preview of the iOS 9.3 and what it brings to Apple device. The iOS 9.3 beta currently supports iPhone 5 (CDMA and GSM and global

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Why Destiny 2 Needs To Abandon The Xbox 360 & PS3

Activision have promised to support Destiny on consoles for 10 years after its initial release date in September of 2014. I can't imagine how this game will look in 2024, or whether Activision will actually have a thriving community around the game by this date. While there's a degree of uncertainty around this, there's one

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